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Wolf characters by babywolf-lover
Wolf characters
So, I was struggling to remember all the fur colors and such of the Wolf pack of The Tale of the Fox and the Wolf:happybounce: 
I used :iconkamirah: game for them. It's a super cute game and excellent when creating Wolves, Foxes, Dogs and even Cats on the other game!! Total life saver lol! Love  Link to the game
Plus a fun thing to do when you're bored!!
No, I didn't keep a background, it was easier on just a white background. I'll be doing the fox clan here shortly
I hope I uploaded this right! xD Not sure, if not oops!!! Sweating a little... 
The Tale of the Fox and the Wolf ch. 1 Jun'ichi by babywolf-lover
The Tale of the Fox and the Wolf ch. 1 Jun'ichi
Summary: One night Jun'ichi; the future alpha of the Wolf clan is out walking and comes across a wolf bathing and is instantly attracted, but she flees before he can meet her. Determined he tracks her down, but is shocked to learn she is a Fox; the Wolf's clans enemy. But neither can deny the attraction. Can they survive a war that has gone on for years?

PG-13 for safety Mild language, Mild violence
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Rue Grin All the information you have to know but don't want to read! ha ha!!Big Grin 

*This story is real animals not shape shifting humans
*Contain Japanese names :flagjp: 
*Ranks of pack in order High to low

Alpha, Beta, Sentinel, Elder, Assassin, Lead Warrior, Warrior, Lead Hunter, Hunter, Lead Scout, Pup Watcher, Subordinates, Omega, Pups

*Wolf Alpha is random selected, Fox clan is by blood

Japanese translation
Teikei Yama-Alliance Mountain -- Serves as a barrier between humans and animals
Gin no Taki-Silver Falls -- Mystical waterfall that has a silver look in the water, said to be magic, located on Animals side.

.:Characters featured:.
Mitsuo-M, Alpha of pack, Jun'ichi's mentor
Suzume-F, Alpha mate, found and adopted Jun'ichi
Jun'ichi-M, Future alpha, Main character
Saki-F, Pup, Alpha's pup, has a problem with listening
Mangetsu-M, Jun'ichi's best friend, called an omega looked down.
Nadare-M, Assassin, Son of sentinal and branch clan, Hates jun'ichi
Ko-F, Pup, Likes Jun'ichi
Kioshi-F, Pup, Tough guy, looks up to Jun'ichi
Sakura-F, Pup, likes Nadare
Aiio-F, Pup sitter
Mari-F, Scout, Ko's mother
Tonbu-M, Scout, Nadare's follower
Kouhei-M, Scout, Nadare's follower
Cover done by me(Kinda hate)XP , the real image of the sketch version

Jun'ichi by babywolf-lover
The main character in my new book The Tale of the Fox and the Wolf which is up and posted go check it out if you want!

On my Wattpad:library: 
He took me too damn long to do! Ugh!! I think it was about 3am when I finished,:stayawake:  so it took me ..... 3 1/2 hours maybe? I'm not sure!
So yeah...... Cutie Shrug 
Miyako face close up? by babywolf-lover
Miyako face close up?
So this is Miyako close up- face view, whatever you wanna call it! :shrug: or :dunno: 
She still looks like a damn wolf! She's suppose to be fox dammit! XP 
Anyway, one of the main character in my new story which is up now on my Wattpad!:library:  Go check it out if you'd like!Reading 
Miyako by babywolf-lover
So this is kinda the image of Miyako my newest Main character in my new story The Tale of the Fox and the Wolf Which is up now!:happybounce: Over on my Wattpad! Writing Emote - NaNo5 
She didn't quite come out the way I liked but it took me like three hours and countless tries until I was somewhat happy!Meh (She looks like a wolf to meXP )
her fur in the original is much lighter! bleh! Stupid scanner! CURSE YOU! 
Anyways, yeah check out the new story if ya want! :library: 
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So as you all know I was super sick had to have surgery and it only made me worst.
So I was going to doctor after doctor, having surgery, procedures, appointments everything and kept coming up with nothing.
Well I went to another doctor and FINALLY got my answer.
Turns out without even knowing it, all my sickness, pain everything is because of family genes! I thought it was because of my dumb choices I made in school when I had no regard for my life and while that kinda was a poke in this direction it is all from family genes.
And if I can't get all this poison from my body the greater the risk of my life ending.
So basically it took me about 4 years, countless appointments, procedures and doctors to find out that it was all cause of genes. Facepalm 
Totally sucks! And until I can get this somewhat under control I am on bed rest ..... still! sigh 
Basically I can only write, and what sucks, I am in a writing slump!!! :frustrated: revamp 

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I am a Writer and a drawer sometimes. I am obsessed with Naruto and I write a lot of fanfictions for the show if you are interested go check them out!
I am a fun person to get along with. Once you get to know me and get past my mean exterior. I am caring and can be a good person to vent to sometimes... If you want to talk email me here-

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